Free Horse Coloring Pages

Horse coloring pages are the ideal past time activity for both children and adults who love horses and coloring. Suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten children, horse coloring pages  are a fun pre-reading activity, helping kids exercise their drawing and coloring skills, show off their creative side and most of all exercise their hand-eye coordination, picture comprehension and color recognition. If you want to keep your child engaged in a fun and creative activity, which is also educational, don’t hesitate to present him with horse coloring pages.

This post is entirely dedicated to present you with a showcase of free horse coloring pages you can download and print. The following selection contains the best horse coloring pages available online and will provide your children with hours of fun. You can use the coloring pages at any moment of the day, whether you are throwing a horse or cowboy themed party for your kids and their friends, or if you simply want to keep you child engaged in a fun and educational activity.  To print or download one or more of the following images simply click on any of the thumbnails to open the print-size version of the horse coloring pages and then click “Print” or “Save As”, depending on what you desire.  Enjoy our horse coloring pages showcase!

The majority of horses have markings in various colors, shapes and sizes on their faces and bodies. For people to identify different horses, each marking has a special name.

A horse’s tail is his best asset. We present you with a selection of horse coloring pages featuring both horses with thin ragged tails and horses with thick tails, all in various styles.

Baby horses are called foals: boy horses are colts and girl horses are fillies. Here is a cute selection of baby horse coloring pages.

Here’s a beautiful selection of adult horses for you to print and start coloring!

More Free Coloring Pages:

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