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Remember how much you loved coloring books when you were a child? Kids today love to color just as much, plus they have the possibility to download all the coloring pages they want for free! Everybody knows that coloring pages are not only fun but also educational. Coloring is the ideal pre-reading activity that helps children develop their creativity, eye-hand coordination and color recognition.

Coloring pages takes you into another world and Pokemon coloring pages are no exception from that rule. If you or your kids are huge Pokemon fans we’ve got great news for you.  Pokemon coloring books are available in stores but we offer a cost-free alternative: printable Pokemon coloring pages. A multitude of sites allows you to print high-quality Pokemon coloring sheets and we have already selected the best ones so all you have to do is scroll down the page.

Pokemon coloring pages are a lot of fun! Simply click on your favorite thumbnail and a larger version of the Pokemon coloring page will open in another window for you to print.

We had to add a special showcase of Pikachu coloring pages. He is the star of the Pokemon series after all, isn’t he? Plus he is kids’ favorite!

If you intend to make your own Pokemon coloring book, simply print out all the Pokemon coloring pages and get creative!

Here’s another set of cool Pokemon coloring pages to keep you busy with coloring for a while. Hope you enjoy them!

Pokemon has undoubtedly won the hearts of children and adults all over the world and left a huge mark on today’s pop culture. The Pokemon characters are worldwide famous; numerous merchandise items, a Pokemon theme park in Japan, TV shows and many more stand testimony to the outstanding popularity of the Pokemon phenomenon.

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