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Everybody loves the cute character Dora, a bilingual, Latina heroine, always ready to explore the world and embark on a new adventure! A positive cartoon character such as Dora is perfect to set an example for children everywhere. If your kids love Dora the Explorer, and we’re pretty sure they do, then they will surely love our selection of free Dora coloring pages!

Dora coloring pages are not only a fun and relaxing activity but also an educational experience. It is recommended that you use Dora coloring pages  to help your child express his/her creative side and exercise hand-eye coordination and color recognition. Playing with Dora coloring pages is a fun way for your child to spend time with friends and they can be a conversation starter at a kid’s party. With Dora coloring pages children can benefit from many valuable learning experiences!

We have selected 20 of the most beautiful Dora coloring pages for you to print and start coloring. Simply click on your favorite Dora coloring pages thumbnails and a new window with the printable version of the coloring page will open. Have fun exploring our Dora coloring pages selection!

Here is a showcase of Dora coloring pages featuring the Latina heroine involved in a series of fun and educational activities that can serve as a source of inspiration for your children.

Dora fans know that she lives in a nice house with her Mama and Papi. Kids will love the coloring page featuring Dora putting on her backpack on with the help of her mother.

Dora is always ready for a new  adventure! Here is a selection of Dora coloring pages featuring her faithful Backpack and her cute best friend Boots.

No Dora coloring pages showcase would be complete without a selection of coloring pages featuring Dora The Explorer characters: Boots, Diego, Map, Backpack and Swiper!

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