Free Coloring Pages of Animals

Coloring pages of animals are well known for their numerous benefits. Coloring is a fun and engaging activity that keeps children happily involved and helps them show off their creative side. Encouraging your child to play with coloring pages of animal is encouraging his or her artistic side. Another huge benefit of coloring pages is that it helps kids develop important skills such as eye-hand coordination, color recognition and follow through.

With coloring pages of animals you have a chance to show your children a lot of useful thing about both domestic and wild animals. It’s not only a fun bonding activity, but also a learning experience. Coloring pages of animals can be used anywhere, anytime. You can give them to your kids to keep them entertained at home, in the car or any place you can think of. Coloring pages of animals are also the perfect party activity: they’re fun and also a great conversation starter for kids.

This post is entirely dedicated to presenting you and your children with the most beautiful and high-quality coloring pages of animals. All coloring pages are free for you to download and print. Browse through the following selection of coloring pages of animals, choose your favorite image, click on the thumbnail to print it and start coloring!

Cats and dogs are children’s favorite pets so your little one will love the next selection of coloring pages of animals.

Teach your kids about the wildlife with the help of these 5 coloring pages of animals featuring some of the word’s most famous wild animals.

Children love farm animals so what better gift to give your little ones than an imaginary trip to a friendly farm with the help of the next set of coloring pages of animals featuring ducks, cows and pigs?

To complete the coloring pages of animals showcase, here is a selection of dinosaurs coloring pages your kids will be fascinated to play with!

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