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Is Elmo your favorite Sesame Street character? In this case, you are in the right place! This post presents all Elmo fans with a great selection of the best free Elmo coloring pages available online. The Elmo coloring pages are not only a fun activity for all Sesame Street fans, but they are also educational and can help toddlers develop important skills such as eye-hand coordination, color recognition, picture comprehension and drawing skills. When playing with Elmo coloring pages, children can experience hours of fun and are allowed to express their creativity in numerous ways.

The Elmo coloring pages are easy to be carried around so kids can benefit from hours of entertainment at home, in the car and even at the restaurant. With a nice set of Elmo coloring pages you can even create a wonderful coloring book for your little ones or use the pages as a fun party activity. The possibilities are endless!

To print one or more Elmo coloring pages, simply click on your favorite thumbnail(s) and a window with the coloring page’s original location will open. When the coloring page has fully loaded, click on it to print. Have a look at our selection of coloring pages featuring the biggest star on Sesame Street, Elmo!

Everybody knows that Elmo is the red furry monster, with big white eyes and orange nose but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun experiencing with different colors. Allow kids to express their creativity and color Elmo the way they like!

The next Elmo coloring pages can serve not only as a fun holiday activity but also as awesome holiday greetings to give to your friends and family!

Even learning is fun with Elmo coloring pages. Give it a try!

We hope you have enjoyed our Elmo coloring pages selection!

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