Free Tinkerbell Coloring Pages

The best way to keep children engaged with the lovely Disney characters is through coloring pages. Not only you can find free printable coloring pages online but coloring pages are also extremely fun and educational.

This page is entirely dedicated to everyone’s favorite fairy: Tinkerbell. Here are some interesting facts about Tinkerbell:  she is a fictional character in J.M. Barrie’s play and subsequent novel Peter Pan, and various adaptations of them. The powers of Tinkerbell are mending pots and kettles. Even though at times she may be vindictive, most of the time she is very helpful and nice to Peter Pan. The extremes in her personality are what make Tinkerbell such a loved cartoon character by both children and adults.

Tinkerbell is one of the world’s most popular cartoon characters and kids of all ages and from all over the world enjoy filling in Tinkerbell coloring pages. Adults also enjoy coloring pictures and sometimes it is necessary to assist children while playing with Tinkerbell coloring pages.

Lots of fun and creative things to do with a nice selection of Tinkerbell coloring pages! For example, you can stick them on a board or on the refrigerator to showcase your kids’ creativity or create a nice colorful scrapbook. For a beautiful selection of free printable Tinkerbell coloring pages simply scroll down the page. Hope you enjoy our picks!

Let’s start with a series of basic Tinkerbell coloring pages for you to get creative with!

Everybody knows that Tinkerbell has certain feelings for Peter Pan so it’s only natural that we present you with a selection of Peter and Tinkerbell coloring pages.

Tinkerbell is known for her ever changing personality. The explanation? Her fairy size prevents her from holding more than one feeling at a time.

For more creative fun, enjoy the Tinkerbell and friends coloring pages.

More Free Coloring Pages:

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